28. april 2010 · Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Olivia Somer, een geslaagde yoga juf · Categorien:Yoga

Op 30 maart 2010, is Olivia Somer geslaagd voor haar final assessment Professional Dru Yoga Teacher!
Mijn examen vond plaats in de Dru yoga school in Snowdonia, Bangor, Wales.

Feedback van de assessors:

“Your have a deep understanding of Dru Yoga. You constant observe your students; if some are not doing the movement quite right you give more instructions. You are good in the explanation and understanding of timing of the breath, movement, balance, intention and synchronization”.
“You have good appearance and you show obvious pleasure in teaching. You prepare your class very well. You have a good eye for what happens in the class. Freshness likable as a teacher. Sense of fun is apparent”.
“You are a very beautiful Dru Yoga Teacher. You really care about your students, and I know you have the potential to help many people to reach their full potential. Well done, it has been my pleasure to assess you”.

Mijn yoga -vrienden- groep “from all over the world”, waarmee ik de opleiding heb doorlopen: